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Cynfans Quest Adventure Game

The story unfolds…

My name is Graham Cumhail and I am from Anglesey. These are my notations. After studying history in Liverpool, I had been an editor for the publisher house of Taylor & Francis in London for five years... This night, a nightmare afflicted me. In a strange scene, an eerie shape said to me: "Return here, when you're a king!".

Then I woke up. Obviously the alarm clock was "broken". I had overslept and missed my appointment with the director of the Natural History Museum. My boss was not exactly thrilled about this and by necessity made another story the title story of our next magazine issue. I resolved to make the best of it. And so it happened that I was on the way to Newborough on Anglesey on a foggy afternoon. A weekend in the country can only do you good, I told myself…

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